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Why Commercial Roofing Insurance Claims Are Necessary

After a hurricane, tornado, or other natural disasters, you’ll want the most dependable New Orleans roofing service available. Experts at Big Easy Roof Contractors can inspect your roof in no time and provide a more reliable estimation of the damage and file a report.

Of course, you wouldn’t hire a roofer if they wouldn’t do a good job. Similarly, you wouldn’t choose a property if the cost of fixing its roof wasn’t covered by your policy. Always keep in mind that only a fully certified and insured roofing contractor can offer you insurance protection. Contact us today for a free roof inspection!

Roofing Insurance

Roof Insurance Claim

1. Roofing Liability Insurance

If a roofer or his workers do any damage to property or injury to an individual while on the job, this coverage will pay for it. Any damage that arises as a result of the defective work, even after construction is complete, may also be covered.

The term “liability insurance” is commonly used to refer to this specific coverage. For example, if a client’s property is damaged by roofing materials falling from the sky during construction, or if a defective roof later damages the inside of a structure, the insured may file a claim under this policy.

2. Roofing Contractor Insurance Cost

You may make the most of your claim money by reducing the actual cost of roof repairs to a minimum. That’s especially true if additional home maintenance has to be done. An experienced roofing contractor may negotiate lower material prices thanks to long-standing ties with their suppliers and the ability to buy in bulk. There is a greater chance of your claim being approved, and you end up saving money.

Numerous variables affect how much you’ll pay for your annual general liability insurance premium:

  • Employment zone
  • Histories of Prior Claims
  • Size of a Company
  • Policy limitations

3. Start a Roofing Insurance Quote

In order to prevent having to shell out cash to settle claims that stem from your roofing subcontractors, many general liability insurance plans will include exclusions or restrictions for subcontractors.

Insurance prices for roofers can range widely across providers. An estimate for insurance from any provider will depend on the information that must be provided before a firm can commit to providing coverage.

If you want to shop around for insurance and compare quotes from many carriers before making a decision, a trusted New Orleans insurance agent is a great resource.

How General Liability Helps Roofers

Damage roof tiles-Big Easy Roof Contractors

1. Property Damage

While working on a client’s home, they can accidentally damage some of the client’s furnishings. The costs associated with replacing or repairing the furniture, as well as any legal fees incurred as a result of a client’s lawsuit, should be covered by their general liability insurance.

2. Medical Expenses

Workers’ compensation insurance covers medical costs and missed earnings for workers wounded on the job. You can count on your state’s law enforcement to make sure you carry this type of insurance. Workers who go without this protection may be subject to daily fines, possible jail time, and other legal consequences.

The high percentage of claims filed against roofing contractors is a major contributor to the high workers’ compensation premiums paid by the roofing industry in every state.

3. Products-Completed Operations

If they are hired to fix a client’s plumbing and a pipe they placed bursts a few months later, they may be held responsible for the costs associated with fixing the problem. Contractors should get general liability insurance to assist pay for their defense and any damages awarded by the court.

Why Do You Need Roofing Insurance in Louisiana?

1. Confirmation of Credibility and Professionalism

In the majority of states, including Louisiana, a company is required to have a license and insurance in place before opening for business. The majority of states now mandate employers to have general liability insurance in addition to workers’ compensation. It’s evidence that the company, the property, and the employees are safe.

Clients will see this as a sign of professionalism, which may lead to new business opportunities. To gain customers’ trust, a company has to show that it is legitimate, and having the proper licensing does just that.

2. Safety for Assets

Damages to a Louisiana company’s physical location or its tools and equipment are covered by the insurance. Contractors may be responsible for cleaning up and repairing damage to property caused by natural catastrophes like fires.

This is what property insurance is for so that your company can keep running no matter what happens. Theft and damage to equipment are both covered by the insurance thus there are no monetary repercussions. For these reasons, a comprehensive roofing insurance policy is required.

3. Avoid Potential Loss of License, Financial Sanctions, and Other Consequences

Any Louisiana commercial roofing company that doesn’t have enough insurance coverage risks facing fines from regulatory agencies like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Consequently, it is imperative that all roofers have enough roofing insurance, and that all businesses have a company owner’s policy in place. Adding you as an extra insured on a company’s business owner’s policy is not enough.

Each contractor must safeguard their enterprises with comprehensive insurance plans. It’s possible that you’ll want additional coverage to keep your company safe. In order to acquire the coverage that is the greatest fit for your company’s needs, it is recommended that you seek the advice of insurance professionals.

Lack of Roofing Insurance in Louisiana Can Ruin Your Business!

Damage to property, damages to reputation, personal injury, etc. are common outcomes of professional blunders, slip-ups, and similar incidents. This is often covered by either general or professional liability insurance.

Legal Protection is Necessary

When legal action is necessary, any insurance policy will help pay for your defense costs. Roofing projects inevitably include some level of error. Being careful is indeed safer than regretting afterward.

Protecting one’s financial investments and one’s staff is a top priority for any company owner, making insurance a must-have. As a result, general contractors in the building business in New Orleans, Louisiana should have enough roofing insurance to safeguard themselves and their fellow contractors from financial liability in the event of roof damage.

Why Choose Big Easy Roof Contractors to Assist With Your Insurance Claim

A lot of people use their insurance to pay for roofing repairs. The danger of tree limbs falling on the structure. Whenever lightning strikes, it has the potential to start a fire. Hail is another common cause of damage.

If your roof has been damaged, Big Easy Roof Contractors in New Orleans can handle the insurance claim paperwork and submit the information on your behalf. The time savings is clear. Also, it shortens the time it takes to plan and conduct inspections. In other words, they handle everything for you. Contact us today to learn more!

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