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Roofers often get paid per square foot or by the hour. If you try to estimate the cost of roofing materials, you’ll most likely come up way short. The real cost of reroofing depends on several variables, including the type of material, grade of shingle, size of the project, and other aspects.

Roofer prices vary widely from state to state. In some states, they charge by the square foot, while others give them a flat rate of $10–12 per square foot. Many local governments also regulate roofing company and their rates.

Roofing contractors install roofs over buildings and structures to prevent water from entering them. Their job involves working with materials such as metal, wood, tile, or concrete. Let Big Easy Roof Contractors help and assist with your roofing needs!

Benefits of Hiring Big Easy Roof Contractors

Roof Contractor MetairieAs far as roofing contractors go, we have more than proved ourselves as one of the best in the industry. We offer affordable rates, excellent customer service, and quality workmanship.

Their team of experts have years of experience and are licensed professionals with the necessary credentials needed to give your home all the protection it deserves.

We Help With the Insurance Claims Process

We help with the roofing insurance claims process by providing a user-friendly platform where our clients can file their claims online. Our team also provides assistance with filing your claim via phone. If you need any additional help, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Skilled, Educated, and Certified Roofers

We have roofing contractors who have taken courses in various trade schools, as well as those with college degrees in engineering or management. Our crew members all complete rigorous training programs so that when your project arrives, our team is ready to work hard to ensure you are satisfied.

New Roof Installation and Replacement Experts

In addition to providing roofing services, we also provide new roof installation and roof replacement. This includes everything from traditional asphalt shingle roofs to metal roofing and more. Our team has years of experience installing all kinds of roof systems.

Once you schedule your free estimate with us, our expert roofers will come out and assess your home. They’ll then make recommendations about the best type of roof system for your home.

Qualified Roofing Inspections

To make sure we only provide inspections that meet our standards, we require all clients to complete an inspection form prior to each inspection. This way we can verify that our inspectors are properly trained and equipped with the right tools. It also ensures that our customers don’t waste time looking at homes that won’t pass our inspection criteria.

We Offer Cost-Effective Roofing Services

Roof Contractor Metairie WorkerWhether your roof needs repair or replacement, we offer cost-effective solutions for both residential and commercial roofing services. Our team is trained, experienced, and knowledgeable about all aspects of roof construction and maintenance – so you can be confident in our work.

Our roofers offer comprehensive services designed to meet your needs. When you call us for roof repairs, we provide fast, reliable service backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We also install new roofs quickly, so you don’t have to wait long for your new shingle. And we’ll always work with you to make sure you’re getting the best value possible.

Why Your Neighbors in Metairie, LA Choose Big Easy Roof Contractors

When your neighbors call to ask about roof repair work, what do they want to hear? They want to hear that your company has experience with all kinds of roofs and has done them well over time. They also need to know that you offer a warranty as part of your service package. If you don’t provide a warranty, your neighbors won’t trust your company’s workmanship.

Big Easy Roof Contractors has a long history of providing quality roofing services to homeowners across New Orleans and surrounding communities. We specialize in roof repairs and installations, as well as commercial projects such as new construction. Our team works hard to provide our customers with top-notch service every time.

Let’s Start Working on Your Next Project Roofing Replacement and Repair Services

Roofing contractors are vital to our society because they provide protection against natural hazards such as heavy rain, snowstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes. The roofs over homes and businesses also prevent water from leaking into the building and causing damage. When it comes time to replace a damaged roof, homeowners look to their local roofers for assistance.

We offer roof installation services ranging from residential and commercial to industrial. In addition, we also perform roof repair and replacement services. Moreover, we specialize in slate and tile roof installations. As part of our commitment to quality service, we always deliver high-quality materials and follow safety standards.

Your home is often your biggest investment. That is why you should always take good care of it. When you notice signs of damage or weariness on your roof, don’t hesitate to call us immediately. Our roofers will inspect your house thoroughly and give you a free estimate. Call our company today!

Things to Do in Metairie, Louisiana

Shrine on Airline

Previously known as the Zephyr Field, the Shrine on Airline is the home of the New Orleans minor league baseball team and is now the best place for family entertainment in the town. Other than professional baseball matches, there are many high school and college baseball games hosted here. You can enjoy amenities like VIP luxury suites, hot tubs, and a swimming pool as well as traditional ballpark food such as fried catfish, po’boy sandwiches, pigskin nachos, jambalaya, and muffulettas.

Lafreniere Park

A lush and flourishing natural, green area, Lafreniere Park is filled with open spaces, lawns, family picnic areas, fountains, gardens, hills, trails, and other areas. You can spend your day boating, fishing, playing on the Frisbee golf course, soccer and softball fields, and riding on the carousel.

Lakeside Shopping Center

With over 130 shops and eateries, Lakeside Shopping Center at Metairie is the best place to shop and also have some tasty food. It is gigantic and is one of the busiest malls in New Orleans. The center also has a movie theater with five screens and a big food court. It is a great shopping destination with a variety of well-known brands like Zara, Dillard’s, JCPenney, etc.

Fun Facts About Metairie

  1. In the 1720s French settlers became the first Europeans to settle Metairie in the area known then as Tchoupitoulas and now as Metairie Ridge, a natural levee formed by an ancient branch of the Mississippi River that flowed through modern-day River Ridge, Metairie, Gentilly, and New Orleans East.
  2. An electric streetcar was installed running along Metairie Road in the late 1910s, opening the area to greater development. Upscale housing tracts were constructed off the road in the 1920s; this area is now known as “Old Metairie.”
  3. In 1990, Metairie made history when one of its districts elected white supremacist David Duke to the Louisiana state legislature for a single term.
  4. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina caused a new migration from Orleans Parish, because housing was needed to replace what had been destroyed in the flooding of the city. It has been a racially neutral migration, with equal numbers of black and white residents moving to Jefferson Parish. The 2010 Census showed that Metairie has increasingly become more diverse.
  5. Metairie was home to the New Orleans Baby Cakes Triple-A Minor League Baseball team of the Pacific Coast League from 1993 to 2019. The minor league club played its home games at Privateer Park, home to the University of New Orleans’s NCAA baseball team, from 1992 through 1996, and at Shrine on Airline from 1997 to 2019.

Notable Metairie Residents

  • Ellen DeGeneres – TV Show Host
  • Shelley Hennig – Actress
  • Johnny Giavotella – MLB Player
  • Ashley Scott – Actress
  • Donte Jackson – NFL Player

Transportation in Metairie

Metairie residents can take a taxi and bus to get around the city.

Metairie Coordinates

29.9841° N, 90.1529° W