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Affordable Residential Fascia Board Installation And Repair In New Orleans

Big Easy Roof Contractors, a dedicated team of roofers, is here to transform your home’s exterior with our fantastic fascia board installation and repair services. We offer reliable and efficient services, installing high-quality fascias in residential properties all over New Orleans.

We understand the serious problems that can happen with broken roofline products when water ingress causes damp patches, mold, and structural damage.

We can help you choose colors and styles for your fascia board that will match the overall architecture of your home. We understand the very important role of roofline products like fascia boards in protecting the overall structure of your home. We want you to have both the protection and aesthetic appeal from quality fascia boards that your home needs.

Whatever the reason, Big Easy Roof Contractors is here to help. Don’t wait until it’s too late, call us today for all your fascia board needs in New Orleans!

What is a Fascia Board?

Fascia Board- Big easy roof contractors

A fascia board is a roofline product that helps protect the joint between the roof and outer walls of your home’s structure.

It helps provide pivotal protection to your home from damaging external elements while also helping improve the aesthetic appeal of your property.

Fascia boards run along the length of your entire roof. They are located right below the roof tiles or shingles and are attached to the end of the roof truss.

They do not just serve as a decorative element, but most importantly, as added protection to your roof and home.

Our top-notch fascia board installation and repair services in New Orleans will improve the integrity of your roof and its curb appeal.

We ensure that we use the highest quality products of fascia boards for aesthetic appeal and protection.

Types Of Fascia Boards

We repair and install various types of fascia boards depending on the needs of our clients. You are assured that the highest quality fascia products are used in capping the edges of rafters outside your home and holding the gutters in place so that your roof will have efficient water drainage.

The most common types of fascia boards that we repair and install include:

1.  Wood

It is the most popular fascia board material and is usually made of cedar, redwood, pine, spruce, or fir. They can be primed for added protection to the material and to make it match the overall design and style of your home.

The main advantages of wood fascia boards include the natural look that they offer, affordability, water resistance, and resilience against weather elements when painted.

2.  Composite

It is typically made of recycled wood chips, plastic, and sawdust bonded together with epoxy resin. They are a top choice for many homeowners because they do not rot, are colorfast, resistant to decay, are highly durable, and can be cut, nailed, screwed, and installed easily on the roof.

3.  Aluminum

It is considered a better version of the wooden fascia because they are relatively more durable, although more expensive, is highly versatile and flexible, are easy to cut and install, are low maintenance, and can be painted over. They can make wooden fascias more durable when used alongside them to protect the wood from being damaged.

4.  Vinyl

It is one of the best quality materials to use for fascia boards because it is highly durable and very easy to install. You can also choose from the various designs and styles it is available to easily match or complement your siding. Vinyl fascia boards are low maintenance and any discoloration can easily be sprayed and wiped down.

5.  PVC

PVC-Big Easy Contractors

It is similar to the material your pipes and tubes are made from but looks better.

They are rot-resistant and can come in different colors or be painted with your desired color. They are secured to the roof with glue and headnails.

We are a reliable and efficient roofing company in New Orleans that can install new fascia boards or repair damaged ones to make them look new.

Our fascia siding solutions include installing and repairing fascia boards to maximize their performance.

How to Install a Fascia Board

Our fascia board installation service involves a seamless process with the following steps:

  1. We measure and cut your fascia boards to the proper length to match the length of the different sides of your roof.
  2. We make sure that we cut using a 45-degree angle to lap one board to another to prevent water from seeping into the joints and to create a more finished look when the boards are caulked and painted.
  3. We measure the seams of the board so that they will land on the center of the craft or tails of your roof when mounting rafter tails are needed.
  4. We use a string to make sure that the fascia board will be installed at the correct height along the eave.
  5. We use finished nails that are attractive and simple, spiral or screw nails, or rib shank nails to secure the fascia boards on your roof.
  6. We often install a sub fascia to make sure that the board is correctly fastened.

Residential Fascia Board Installation And Repair Cost  in New Orleans

Prices will vary depending on the size and scope of your project. To get a more accurate estimate, please contact a local contractor for a consultation.

We are your professional fascia board installers with highly skilled and knowledgeable craftsmen. We take pride in our fascia board installation and repair services with a workmanship warranty to ensure you the quality of the work we do.

How To Tell If Your Fascia Needs Repair

We make it easier for you to tell if your fascia board needs repair or replacement. It is crucial that if you see signs of damage and weathering on your fascia boards that compromise their functionality, you should call for professional fascia board repair services.

The signs that will tell you it is time to call for professional fascia board repair services include the:

Paint peeling fascia board-Big Easy Roof Contractors

  • The paint is peeling, cracking, or flaking
  • Leaky, unsupported gutters
  • Pest infestations
  • Moisture infiltration
  • Ventilation issues
  • Missing elements of fascia boards
  • Rain gutters have pulled away from the roof edge
  • Weird noises from your attic or roof structure

Never ignore signs that your fascia boards are damaged to prevent more costly repairs that can create a compromised roofing system and health problems. We are here to help protect your roofing system in New Orleans with our quality fascia board repair services.

Upgrade Your Home’s Exterior Today with Big Easy Roof Contractors

Our years of serving in the roofing industry have made us proud of the satisfaction our clients feel for our roofing services. We provide many solutions to fascia board issues and we install new fascia boards for newly constructed homes.

Our fascia repairs and installation solutions prevent minor roof issues from becoming larger. Contact Big Easy Roof Contractors today and schedule a free inspection.

What Our clients Say

The crew at Big Easy Roof Contractors is professional and prompt. They took care of my roof leak the same day I called them, then came back later in week to give us an estimate on installing new shingles! We were so impressed with their work that we had all new roofs installed within one month and it looks great! Thanks again, guys!

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From the moment we called Big Easy Roof Contractors, they were there for us every step of the way. They took care not only about installing our beautiful new roof but also making sure everything around it was protected and cleaned up afterward. We will definitely be using them again in future projects.

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The Big Easy Roof Contractors crew really made my day. They showed up first thing in the morning to tear off two layers of old roofing along with their decking and shingle replacement services! The guys were so nice, too. If you need any work done on your home’s roofs, grab these fellas first because they are experts at what they do.

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Big Easy Roof Contractors was a pleasure to work with. The team arrived early in the morning and cleaned up after themselves which is something I really appreciated!

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The installation of our new roof was a seamless process! Every day, the workers arrived on time and completed their work quickly. Our new roof looks great!

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I was so happy with my experience at Big Easy Roof Contractors. The guys were amazing and left the place spotless when they finished! They really helped me out by giving excellent customer service, picking out a great roof for us then following up after installation to make sure everything is perfect before leaving. Definitely not something you see every day in this industry!

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