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Are you looking for professional roofing contractors in Mandeville? Do you want experienced professionals who can handle all types of roof repairs and replacements effectively?

Mandeville is located in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana, and is known for its beautiful homes and historic buildings. Homeowners in the area need to ensure that their roofs are well maintained to protect their homes from harsh weather conditions like heavy rains, hail, high winds, and extreme temperatures.

Finding reliable roofing contractors in Mandeville isn’t always easy. But with the right research and guidance, you can find an experienced professional who will get the job done efficiently and at an affordable price. Here’s a guide from Big Easy Roof Contractors to finding experienced roofing contractors in Mandeville area so you can make sure your home is properly taken care of.

Roofing Services We Offer in Mandeville, Louisiana

The contractors at our company are licensed, insured, and certified to handle all your roofing needs. Whether you need a new roof installed, maintenance and repairs for an existing roof, or gutters cleaned or repaired, we can do it all in Mandeville, Louisiana. Our team of local roofers takes pride in their workmanship and always goes the extra mile to ensure complete customer satisfaction on every job.

Roof Repairs

Mandeville Roof ContractorsIf the roof of your house or business is in need of repair, we can help. We offer roof repairs for homes, commercial buildings, and more, with work completed by skilled professionals. Our team will come to assess the condition of your roof and provide an estimate for all required repairs.

Roof Replacements

If you are looking to update the exterior of your home, getting a new roof is one of the best ways to make a lasting impression. We specialize in both residential and commercial roof replacements. Our highly-trained team members have years of experience working with all types of roofs, from metal to asphalt and everything in between.

Hail, Wind, and Storm Damage Repair

Storms and weather events can cause significant damage to a roof. To make sure your home is safe, it’s important to have your roof inspected regularly. That’s why we offer comprehensive roof hail, wind, and storm damage repair services. Our experienced professionals are committed to providing reliable service for all types of roofing systems.

Gutter Cleaning

Our team of experienced professionals has the tools and knowledge necessary to not only inspect your gutters but also clean them in a safe and effective manner. With regular maintenance, you can rest assured that your gutters will remain clear of debris and function properly for as long as possible.

Signs Your Mandeville Roof Needs Repair or Replacement

  • Curling or cupping shingles
  • Missing shingles
  • Cracked shingle
  • Roofer’s granules in your gutters and downspouts
  • Rotted, split, or otherwise damaged wood along the roofline
  • Water stains on the ceiling or walls of your home
  • Gaps around chimneys, vents, and skylight seams

Benefits of Hiring a Trusted Roof Contractor in Mandeville

Mandeville Roof ContractorWhen you are in need of roof repair or replacement in Mandeville, it is critical to hire a trusted roofing contractor. A trusted contractor will assess your existing roof’s condition and provide you with an honest and thorough consultation about what needs to be done.

They should also offer a variety of services, such as inspections, repairs, and new installations. With the help of a reliable contractor, you can rest assured that your new roof will be installed correctly and last for many years.

Not only will working with a reputable professional save money on upkeep in the long run, but it will also provide peace of mind when it comes to safety issues within your home throughout the winter season and beyond.

What Makes Big Easy Roof Contractors Differ from Others?

Our company stands out from other roofing contractors in the New Orleans area because of its commitment to delivering superior quality workmanship and customer service. They are highly experienced, licensed, insured, and bonded.

From your initial consultation with one of their experienced project managers through the completion of your roofing project, they strive to exceed your expectations. As a certified roof smith contractor, you can be sure that they have met stringent certification requirements to provide superior services.

We also utilize high-quality materials and green solutions to help save you money and ensure your satisfaction. For many years, they have been proud to serve commercial and residential customers throughout the New Orleans area with reliable and professional roofing services.

Other Roof Services We Offer:

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Whether it’s a repair, remodel, or new build, your roof is an essential part of your home and worth investing in. You need a roofing professional like Big Easy Roof Contractors who knows all of the local codes and regulations, as well as any special features of your roofing project.

With us, you’ll be able to take advantage of superior attention to detail and advanced installation techniques that can significantly reduce future repair requirements and extend the life of your roofing system.

Our team has extensive experience in providing professional and efficient services to homes and business owners in the area. We use only high-quality materials and guarantee our work for years to come. Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate!

Things to Do in Mandeville, Louisiana

Dew Drop Jazz & Social Hall

The Dew Drop Social and Benevolent Hall, in Mandeville, Louisiana, was built in 1895. It was the home of the 1885-founded mutual assistance/social organization, the “Dew Drop Social and Benevolent No. 2 of Mandeville.” It served as a meeting hall and as a venue for dances.

30 by Ninety Theatre

Get your acts together for 30 by Ninety. This quirkily named performing arts theater in Mandeville was founded in 2014 and strives to become the premier live theater destination in the region. It is a non-profit venue for quality live entertainment.

Fontainebleau State Park

Fontainebleau State Park is located in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana, on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain. The park is 2,800 acres in size and was once the site of a sugar cane plantation and brickyard operated by Bernard de Marigny and later by his son, Armand Marigny. The park has a multitude of habitats for birds.

Fun Facts About Mandeville

  1. Mandeville was known as a lakeside retreat with many homes and hotels that were constructed to provide lodgings to many families that crossed Lake Pontchartrain during the summer months. Remnants of historical properties are currently found on Lakeshore Drive.
  2. The city of Mandeville was developed in 1834 by Bernard Xavier de Marigny de Mandeville, who hailed from a prominent and wealthy family. Mandeville was incorporated in 1840. Even though he resided in New Orleans, he maintained a large and profitable plantation located on the present site of Fontainebleau State Park.
  3. In 1890, Mandeville had the largest population of 1,012 residents in St. Tammany Parish. In 1893, the town had five grocery stores, three hotels, two bar rooms, three butchers, and three bakers. Mandeville also had a daily steamboat, train, mail, and telegraph office.
  4. Because of the picturesque waterways, Mandeville had a steamship-ferry service that carried parties from New Orleans to the Northshore that lasted until 1936. In the mid-19th century, regular daily steamboat traffic took pedestrians between New Orleans and Mandeville.
  5. Two buildings that were known for jazz music during this period are still in existence in Mandeville. Ruby’s Roadhouse has been in continuous operation since the 1920s. The Dew Drop Social and Benevolent Hall opened in 1895 and hosted some of the jazz greats and was later called The Dew Drop Jazz and Social Hall.

Notable Mandeville Residents

  • Brodus Clay – WWE Wrestler
  • Lucinda Williams – Singer
  • Margaux Fragoso – Author
  • Eddie Price – Politician
  • Mike Church – Talk Show Host

Transportation in Mandeville

Mandeville residents can take a taxi, bus, or light rail to get around the city.

Mandeville Coordinates

30.3583° N, 90.0656° W